A late bloomer, without any literary training. Not looking for any academic recognition, just a compelling need to help others on their pad. Holding a winged heart full of joy and sorrow and an insatiable force.

Unannounced I erupted from the joints of my prison, where the bitter silence was broken forever. An awaikening in which I welcome all opposition to strenghten my own truth. So I went groping in my eventful life, looking for inspiration. I had a long way to go, correct, a wide detour before getting back to the essence, close to the raw and pure power within myself. From this special place, I began to write in the language of my naked soul, while drinking images of love, making the invisible visible, tangible, in an unstoppable stream of embalming words.

With the harmless love of a poet/writer I look at the world, at the landscape of my life. Eagerly I let myself be carried away by the withered blossoms of the world, touched, to reflect on everything from which I drink tears and find beauty. Leaving space between both, where the wind of life can dance freely. Briefly I hold on to this moment, cherrish it, taste it, and share the unbridled raw passion.

With amazement I keep looking at the strength and capacity of my emotions, knowing my personal energy will always affect the chemistry of the moment, looking for something that is not tangible, the inner.

Beyond, looking further than my naked soul.
Free, free, with wings that finally can in me.
Proud and solid as a rock,
Fragile as the wings of a butterfly,
I keep looking for untouched beauty
In all imperfections of life
Walk my way and taste my Passion.

(All the books on this website are in Dutch. An English version is for later)